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Tumblr user Senorpacman


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There’s a HUGE FUCKIN storm here and there’s no power, thank god for 3G. NOW I WAIT THE LONGEST ILL EVER HAVE TO WAIT

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Anonymous said:

I'll see posts of yours that like talk about something you got or something you did that made you fuckin ecstatic and I don't know why but I get really content knowing that you're happy and loving life? Here's this person who is enjoying his day. His happiness does not benefit me in any way, and yet I feel glad that he's feeling good? This feeling puzzles me. All I know is that you have to keep fighting the good fight against the dumb life things that happen sometimes. P.S. I'm shit with words.

I really like this ask for some reason. I feel like I really needed that. I’m so happy that my way of being gives people a positive effect. I’m glad people like me for who I am. It means so much to me. Thank you so much for letting me know, and I will keep trying my best to please you guys as much as I can with either it being with content, or just plain out goofing around here on Tumblr or Livestream! You guys are seriously the best.

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Anonymous said:

Hey Daniel! I hope you're having a good day! UuU

It’s been an alright day, I guess!! I’M TRYIN’ TO HANG IN THERE…..

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Introducing: Zoey


This was physically painful to listen to.

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Will you ever play Five nights at Freddy's?

Maybe I’ll stream it some day so i caN CRY IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE INTERNET

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Anonymous said:

i'm freaking out with you liking my posts i'm a big fan sorry. bye.

Don’t apologize! I am honored to know that you appreciate my work! It means a lot to me! Keep being amazing friend!!

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some fanart for senorpacman! his most recent pheonix wright video was super cool so I thought this would be fun to draw @w@ 

HOLY CRAPBALLS, this is amazing! Thank you so much, I love it! Keep up the art, friend!

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simply-potatoes said:

Do you have an Instagram?

I do not!! Although, I do have a snapchat if that’s your kinda thing! I’m pretty sure you can find me under SenorPacman if you’d like to send me things!

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Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U Turnabout Reveal 

I’d like to clear up that this is a fan-made trailer, purely for the love of both series! Although, it would be pretty great if this were a thing!!

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Anonymous said:

Hey Daniel, I'm having a rough time recently and just wanted to thank you for being that ray of positivity and kindness that you are. You managed to keep me from quitting once again, so thank you for being you. I owe you.

You did it all by yourself, friend!! I am proud of you! KEEP BEING THE BEST!!

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Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U Turnabout Reveal 

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this chinese bootleg harry potter is one of the most amazing things i’ve ever seen in my life. its just like i remember the movie


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Some pretty amazing fanart from the stream that happened earlier today of the horrible FoodFight! film. Thank you so much to everyone who joined!!