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wow cool this is my first official hella cute fanart and idk i really like it (and senorpacman is a hella cool dude so i thought it would be a perfect fit) danke and i have no idea how sombreros work

Adorable!!! Thank you so much for the art!!

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if someone makes a skeleton senorpacman I will murder


 Let the bodies hit the floor.

murder is about to happen

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chivi-chivik said:

Bu-but skeletons are cool, amazing, and are part of our body and life...! :'((

Skeletons are not real

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spookyskeletonman said:

Why do you not like the skeletons??

The only thing likable about skeletons is that they’re dead

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if someone makes a skeleton senorpacman I will murder

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borderlandtwo said:

how much is the animation software you use??

I use Flash, which is very expensive like any other Adobe product. But I didn’t buy it myself, a friend of my Dad’s lent me a bunch of Adobe software, so that’s how I got it!

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I want Smash 4 to be out immediately

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Sneak peak on my next video that’ll be released soon!! I’m working very hard on it!

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My new ringtone

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Anonymous said:

Oh my gosh and your name is Daniel too oh my goodness I love that name stop being perfect

when I was in my first year of elementary school I was a very gullible and shy kid so someone told me that my Dad was a bull in disguise and I was scared of him for about three days until I found out it was bullshit

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I’ve never experienced so much anger



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Anonymous said:

i aspire to be you

Its so odd to hear this. I used to look up to so many people back then (And I still do!!) Egoraptor, Stamper, Doug Walker, James Rolfe, and many comedians such as Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, etc… And now people are telling me that that are inspired by me and aspire to be like me?!?! I find it completely unbelievable that even one person would tell me that! I wonder if they feel the same way I used to feel to my heroes in some small way?? If that’s the case, it means so much to hear someone say that. That’s like my weak point in compliments. Thank you so much for telling me this, Anon!! I don’t know what I did to receive such nice comments today, but it means a lot!


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Anonymous said:

uhhm hi there! i know you dont know me, but ive been following you for awhile now, and all of your videos and voice acting/dramatic readings REALLY bring a smile to my face!! so yeah, i just wanted to thank you for that and such! have a wonderful day, man uwu* <3

That’s my ultimate goal! To somehow give people a reason to smile at least once every day! EVEN IF IT IS WITH DUMB STUFF I DO….. I’m so glad! Thank you so much for your feedback, you’re pretty amazing, Anon friend!

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ringrangershipping said:

You are seriously my favorite person ever. You make me so happy and have stuff to look forward to uvu

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I’ve never experienced so much anger