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Hello there! I'm glad you decided to check me out!!
I'm just a fellow blogger who really enjoys voice acting! You probably know me as the "Dramatic Readings" guy! Be sure to stick around for more audios!
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Just updated my blog’s theme!

I thought it was about time for a little bit of redecoration! Whatcha guys think? I had some fantastic help from Zamii with the background basing ourselves off completely from fanart I’ve gotten from you folks! Thanks to everyone who has ever sent anything in! You guys rock!! Hopefully the new layout is to your guys’ liking!


Posted on March 1, 2013 with 44 notes
  1. femtastico said: ooh, I like it!!! :D
  2. zamii070 said: :3c
  3. dymentia said: It’s so filled with your FACE.
  4. hagaacchi said: Nice!!! <3
  5. 420gramhomegrown said: background makes the sidebar a bit hard to read maybe make it white all the way down or have the lower part with a low opacity white?
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  7. draven926 said: gorgeous!
  8. dartty said: ahhhh it’s cute! I really like it!
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